A Case Study in Local Visibility

Notable Organic Ranking After Project
Branded Search Result After Project


How I Put a Small NYC Business on The [Google] Map

My mission was to set up a small business with the basics of local SEO.They came to me asking for two specific things, which happen to be the core of WHY local search is important and demonstrates HOW small businesses are using Google every single day to help be discovered by new eyes.

What Was The Tutoring Service Looking to Accomplish?

  1. Look better on phones and computers when people Google the name of their business
  2. Be more visible for people located closest to the business when they search for relevant services

What Was The Solution?

We began with claiming and optimizing a listing on Google My Business coupled with a small blitz of submissions to directories or citations across the web, outside of the search engine. We focused on data uniformity, particularly around the Name, Address, and Phone Number.

Also accomplished, a basic metadata project on the website to fill out each pages Title and Description to align with the contents of that page.

Now the businesses online footprint matches inside and out, both users and bots will understand what the website is about.

Lastly, I empowered the business owner with education. We finished our project together with a consultation about a very important area of local visibility…reviews. They took this education and out it to work quickly gathering reviews and creating a system for long term success.

What Was The Result?

Not only are they on the map when you Google their name, but 90 days later they hold notable organic / local rankings for generic terms like “tutoring service new york” and they’re still growing! 🌱


Tutoring Service

Project Duration:

3 Weeks

Project Focus:

Local SEO [new business]

Project Difficulty: