A Case Study in Website Health

Client 90 Day Impressions Trend via Google Search Console: March – May 2021
Site health over 90 days via Ahrefs
Improved metrics over 90 days via Ahrefs


How I Helped Clean Up a Data Website Increasing Organic Impressions 314% In Just 90 Days

My mission was to help a national B2B service clean up /organize their website and blog pages in order to increase their organic traffic as they experienced growth that didn’t show in the data.

Their site needed some technical SEO, but more importantly, it needed a high level SEO strategy to help provide a framework for the organizational website structure they were seeking.

What Was The Data Team Looking to Accomplish?

  1. Organized website that gives the internal content team focus as they create new blogs
  2. Increase overall organic traffic and discoverability

What Was The Solution?

The first thing we did was use some of the leading WordPress plugins to help optimize the website and eliminate many of their site health errors. This unlocked the Googlebot to more visibility and a better understanding of their website.

A healthy website is a SEO friendly website, you can produce all the content in the world but if it’s not truly discoverable it won’t make an impact.

The next thing we did was lay out hyper specific blog categories to align with the main pages of the website. We then matched each article to the relevant category and cross referenced that with the top trafficked pages on the website to prioritize our efforts.

What came out of that was a clear understanding of what topics need new content, what topics have content that needs to be revamped and what gaps needed to filled for SEO. We created a plan for their content by researching talking points driven by other top ranking articles for our target keywords and passed that analysis on to their content team for production.

After going live, a handful or articles were amplified with content syndication and link building.

The first article we published under this system is now the top page on their website to date, packing more SEO “juice” than their homepage. It drives quality traffic that has turned to real leads.

What Was The Result?

According to Ahref, the health score of the website in March was at 55 and after 90 days it’s now at 87. Along with that came 314% growth in organic impressions from the same time last year. The blog pages now hold numerous visible/notable rankings, prospects have been saying “I just keep seeing your content every time I search, I had to reach out!” — the ultimate SEO win 🤓



Project Duration:

90 Days

Project Focus:

Organic SEO [visbility]

Project Difficulty: